Pursuing Causes Not Cases

Richard M. Shapiro and Medical Malpractice Lawyers Serving Catastrophically Injured Clients

90% of the cases our medical malpractice lawyers take are for children injured by medical malpractice.

The health and well-being of patients should be of paramount importance to medical professionals. Unfortunately, the financial concerns of corporate healthcare systems and their insurance carriers often trump proper care and safety of patients.

Richard M. Shapiro opened his law firm over 30 years ago and has since witnessed the negative changes in the healthcare field as it becomes more corporate and less personal, despite great advances in medical technologies. Richard has a background in medicine and science, having worked as a research assistant for his father at a Yale University teaching hospital. Although the rest of his family became doctors, Richard decided to pursue law as his career. Doctors provide invaluable services to individuals every day; Richard feels that his work as a medical malpractice lawyer has the power to enact positive changes to elevate the level of healthcare for all.

Richard began his practice focusing on clients catastrophically injured by medical malpractice. One of his most well-known cases involved a young girl whose beautiful life was devastated by blindness and a coma after a neurosurgeon negligently traumatized her brain during surgery. Richard’s work resulted in a substantial jury verdict, although no amount of money could compensate for the life of an innocent child. The case still affects Richard to this day, and he has since vowed to take on more medical negligence causes on behalf of children.

Today, over 90 percent of Richard’s clients are children injured by medical malpractice. In addition to brain and spinal cord injuries, Richard is one of few attorneys in the county who practices in the area of baby blindness from retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Richard believes that once a child becomes his client, that child is forever a part of his own family.

A Greater Focus on Medical Malpractice that Injures Children

When children are harmed by negligence, their parents are easily overwhelmed by medical expenses and hospital bills. In addition to these hard costs, parents often take leaves of absence or quit their jobs completely to care for their injured child. Such extreme pressures will leave families with unimaginable emotional and financial burdens. While our justice system is imperfect and cannot truly make injured children and families whole again, compensation is the only remedy the law affords. Richard is dedicated to easing families’ burdens through the legal system and helping his clients achieve the best quality of life possible after a debilitating injury or birth trauma.

The mission of the Shapiro Law Group is to take on causes, not simply cases. By pursuing legal action on behalf of individual victims, Richard takes on greater medical malpractice issues by forcing hospitals and their insurance carriers to revamp their policies and practices to provide proper care for future patients.

Call a Medical Malpractice Lawyer for a No Cost Review of Your Potential Case

Richard M. Shapiro has the knowledge, experience and resources to successfully handle the most complex medical malpractice cases. The Shapiro Law Group is able to focus all of its attention and efforts to those causes by only taking a limited number of clients per year.

The Shapiro Law Group offers initial consultations and case reviews free of charge, which includes utilizing medical experts from the very beginning. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will only pay attorney fees upon the successful completion of your case. As most families could never afford the costs of litigation alone, the medical malpractice attorneys at the Shapiro Law Group will advance those costs to be repaid after reaching a favorable outcome.

Conveniently located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, our law firm offers a free case review; please contact the Shapiro Law Group by telephone at (800) 258-HELP or by filling out our online contact form.