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Chicago Medical Malpractice Case a Textbook Example of Birth Injury

Birth injuries can have devastating costs for children and their families, both emotional and financial. Even worse, these emotional and medical costs are often preventable. We can use a recent medical malpractice case to explore the consequences of birth injuries further. A Chicago mother and her child were awarded $53 million from a medical malpractice lawsuit. The child mentioned in the lawsuit sustained a severe brain injury after hospital staff made more than 20 mistakes during the delivery process. Now 12 years old, the boy lives with cerebral palsy and is incapable of taking care of himself. The boy’s mother must feed him, carry him up and down the stairs and help him go to the bathroom. Instead of enjoying an active childhood, the boy is confined to a wheelchair. Try to imagine being this boy’s mother for a moment. Picture the medical and emotional costs associated with caring for…
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What You Should Know About Anesthesia Before Going Under

If you have an important surgical procedure planned in the near future, you may want to stick around and read this blog. While anesthesia is necessary to carry out many procedures, there are complications that have nightmarish outcomes. One of the worst complications is anesthesia awareness, a condition where patients are aware of their surroundings and can sometimes feel pain. Fortunately, anesthesia awareness is rare. According to the Washington University School of Medicine, 1 to 2 patients out of 1,000 experience awareness during surgical procedures. Why Does Anesthesia Awareness Occur? Anesthesia awareness can be caused by medical mistakes or preexisting conditions. For example, an anesthesiologist failing to observe a patient’s medical history. The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists suggests other mistakes that cause anesthesia awareness include improper use of equipment or administering an inadequate amount of anesthesia. Certain conditions or behaviors might put patients at risk for suffering from anesthesia…
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Are Hospitals Silent When Patients Are Harmed by Medical Mistakes?

Medical mistakes have become the third leading cause of death in the US, but hospitals remain opaque on offering details when these errors happen. Hospitals may be silent on medical mistakes when patients or grieving family members have questions. This might be the case because hospitals may want to avoid liability when patients are killed or harmed by medical mistakes. Patients hurt by medical mistakes are sometimes not informed, and as a result, continue to suffer from preventable conditions. An ABC News article from last year described how a man was allowed to swallow a surgical sponge during a procedure, but was discharged from the hospital and never informed of the sponge. According to the man’s wife, her husband became very sick days later. Circumstances led the man and his wife to seek help from another doctor. After seeking a second opinion from another facility, a surgical sponge was found…
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