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Do Hospitals and Doctors Lie During Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

ProPublica recently published an interview with a retired doctor who admitted he lied under oath during a medical malpractice lawsuit twenty years ago. According to the doctor, he was lying to protect a colleague who had made a horrific surgery mistake. The mistake caused a stroke that left the patient permanently brain damaged. Attorneys representing the patient called in the doctor to comment on the competency and skill of the surgeon responsible for harming the patient. His dishonest testimony influenced the decision of the jury. Instead of siding with the victim, who was left permanently brain damaged, the jury sided with his colleague. There are also cases of hospitals falsifying medical records, but many of these attempts will be caught during the discovery phase of a lawsuit. For example, a hospital in South Carolina was recently ordered to pay $87,000 in attorney fees and legal costs after it provided altered…
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The Florida Medical Malpractice Case that Will Shock You

The Florida Board of Medicine may revoke the license of a doctor who failed to treat one of his cancer patients with chemotherapy. According to Florida Health Department officials involved in the case, there is “clear and convincing evidence” that the doctor committed medical malpractice and financially exploited his patient. This doctor’s failure to diagnose led to the death of his patient. The case involves a 23-year-old college senior with Hodgkin’s lymphoma who had difficulty accepting her diagnosis. After her initial diagnosis, she sought a second, third and fourth opinion. All of the medical centers she went to confirmed she had cancer. These medical centers also confirmed that she had an 80 percent chance of beating the cancer if she were to receive chemotherapy. Eventually, the young woman ended up in the office of the doctor that now stands accused of medical malpractice. This doctor practiced “integrative medicine,” which combines…
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Is Your Hospital Guilty of this Common Mistake?

Patient identification mistakes are tragic and preventable. When these mistakes are made, patients have organs unnecessarily removed, are subjected to harmful treatments and given unnecessary medications. Take for example a recent case in Massachusetts, where a surgeon working as a contractor removed a kidney from the wrong patient! To be honest, these types of errors are common in hospitals throughout the country, but only most egregious examples end up becoming national news. A recent ECRI Institute study that reviewed 7,600 patient identification mistakes found 91 percent of these errors were caught before patients were harmed. This means the remaining 9 percent of patients suffer some degree of harm. The vast majority of identification mistakes occurred when doctors met with patients or during the intake process. How Can Hospitals Prevent Patient Identification Mistakes? Authors of this study claim no single strategy will prevent patient identification mistakes because these errors happen for several different…
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