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Can Being Mean to Your Child’s Doctor Lead to Worse Care?

It is essential for doctors to maintain a healthy state of mind while practicing medicine. Unfortunately, we as patients or family members can sometimes lose our patience. It turns out being rude to your doctor puts them into an unhealthy state of mind and increases the risk of being harmed by a medical mistake. Research conducted at the University of Florida discovered doctors are more likely to make diagnostic mistakes when the parents of child patients are rude. According to the researchers, 40 percent of errors related cognitive performance may be attributed to how doctors are affected by rudeness. Doctors who experienced rudeness from the parents of their patients had worse diagnostic accuracy. They were also less likely to share information or communicate with family members of child patients. This is not the first study to identify a correlation between being nice to doctors and receiving an accurate diagnosis. A…
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This Common Health Condition is a Major Cause of Preventable Hospital Deaths

Health complications caused by blood clots are a leading cause of preventable hospital deaths. One such complication is a pulmonary embolism, which occurs when blood clots travel to and block arteries in the lungs. Deaths caused by pulmonary embolisms in hospitals are surprisingly common. Many factors can increase the risk of a pulmonary embolism. Patients with preexisting conditions like arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity or alcoholism have an increased risk. Certain medications, like birth control, also raise to risk. However, blood clots can happen to anyone after a prolonged period of bedrest. Some deaths caused by pulmonary embolisms are preventable. Hospitals have an obligation to patients and their families to help prevent these deaths. The following policies may help: Hospitals can use electronic health records to identify patients who have the highest risk of developing blood clots. Patients can receive compression stockings that squeeze the legs and feet. They may…
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Can You Be Billed for Medical Mistakes?

Medical mistakes are not only a threat to your individual safety, they are also damaging to your wallet. According to an article published by Kaiser Health News, patients are frequently billed for medical mistakes. The article discusses the story of a man who suffered from a surgical error, and ended up on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Doctors had punctured the man’s colon while he was undergoing a colonoscopy. To save his life, doctors had to perform emergency surgery. During the surgery, he experienced cardiac arrest. He now suffers from a range of health problems, and requires a pacemaker and multiple stents in his right coronary artery. Health problems caused by the botched surgery made returning to work as a commercial trucker impossible. This mean he also lost his health insurance coverage. The man and his wife paid close to $600,000 out-of-pocket from this one preventable medical…
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