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Can Artificial Narrow Intelligence Improve Patient Safety?

Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) may play a role in providing care for patients and their families in the near future. According to the Harvard Business Review, ANI systems can offer suggestions, update hospital staff with need-to-know information and prevent medical errors. In many ways, ANI could improve patient safety. ANI systems can gather massive amounts of data, and pick up on specific patterns human beings would miss. It could use patient chart information and warn doctors of specific drug interactions. If a patient were to crash, it could provide nurses and doctors with the most pertinent information required to provide treatment. ANI could help protect patients from misdiagnosis, one of the most common medical mistakes. Could ANI Improve Patient Safety by Preventing Misdiagnosis? IBM’s Watson, an ANI system, has proven it can diagnose patients in a matter of minutes. Doctors at the University of Tokyo were stunned after Watson saved…
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