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Can Big Data Prevent a Medical Misdiagnosis?

Forbes recently published an article on how software can pair patients with doctors who are most likely to give them an accurate diagnosis. The article explains how Grand Rounds, a mobile app, can help people find doctors in their area who have the most experience treating specific health conditions. According to the creators of Grand Rounds, the service can help decrease the chances of a misdiagnosis. Grand Rounds uses a database of 700,000 physicians, or about 96 percent of all doctors in the United States. The app then uses insurance-claims data and biographical information on the doctors to help patients make a selection. For example, a patient suffering chronic headaches could look for a doctor in their area who specializes in diagnosing neurological conditions. The theory behind the app, is that patients can select doctors who are most likely to offer a correct diagnosis. In addition, the app allows patients…
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Did You Know You Can Check Your Hospital Safety Score?

Would you spend thousands of dollars at a restaurant without checking the reviews first? How about the hospital performing your next heart surgery? Checking a hospital safety score may help you avoid medical mistakes or being exposed to deadly superbugs. The Leapfrog Group is an organization obsessed with hospital safety. They conduct detailed surveys on hospitals throughout the country, and then assign a letter score based on various criteria. While assigning grades, the organization looks at the hospital’s history of patient safety issues, injuries, accidents and infections. In addition, the survey considers how each hospital helps families and patients avoid errors. You can discover the safety grade of your local hospital by visiting www.hospitalsafetyscore.com, a web page operated by the Leapfrog Group. If you pull up “search by zip code”, you can tailor the results to your location. Now you can see what separates hospitals who received a “D” from…
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Do Hospitals and Doctors Lie During Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

ProPublica recently published an interview with a retired doctor who admitted he lied under oath during a medical malpractice lawsuit twenty years ago. According to the doctor, he was lying to protect a colleague who had made a horrific surgery mistake. The mistake caused a stroke that left the patient permanently brain damaged. Attorneys representing the patient called in the doctor to comment on the competency and skill of the surgeon responsible for harming the patient. His dishonest testimony influenced the decision of the jury. Instead of siding with the victim, who was left permanently brain damaged, the jury sided with his colleague. There are also cases of hospitals falsifying medical records, but many of these attempts will be caught during the discovery phase of a lawsuit. For example, a hospital in South Carolina was recently ordered to pay $87,000 in attorney fees and legal costs after it provided altered…
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