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Historical Medical Mistakes You Won’t Believe: Death of a President

We often discuss on our blog how patients affected by modern medical mistakes can be killed or left permanently disabled. Historical medical mistakes led to identical outcomes for patients. In some cases, historical medical mistakes had world-changing implications. Throughout the next several months, we are going to walk you through several examples of medical mistakes that changed world history. As you read the examples, keep in mind that these mistakes were preventable. Did Medical Malpractice Kill President James Garfield? Historians consider James Garfield to be one of the most talented and intelligent presidents to ever reside in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, Garfield was only President of the United States for four months. Born into poverty and raised without a father, Garfield represented the caricature of a ‘self-made man’. At 20 years old, Garfield worked his way through college and graduated within five years. Garfield also served in the Union Army…
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