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Can You Be Billed for Medical Mistakes?

Medical mistakes are not only a threat to your individual safety, they are also damaging to your wallet. According to an article published by Kaiser Health News, patients are frequently billed for medical mistakes. The article discusses the story of a man who suffered from a surgical error, and ended up on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Doctors had punctured the man’s colon while he was undergoing a colonoscopy. To save his life, doctors had to perform emergency surgery. During the surgery, he experienced cardiac arrest. He now suffers from a range of health problems, and requires a pacemaker and multiple stents in his right coronary artery. Health problems caused by the botched surgery made returning to work as a commercial trucker impossible. This mean he also lost his health insurance coverage. The man and his wife paid close to $600,000 out-of-pocket from this one preventable medical…
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Early Hospital Discharge Causes Florida Woman’s Death

A Florida woman recently lost her life due to an early hospital discharge. According to local press outlets, the woman was seeking treatment at a Florida hospital for severe abdominal pain. After being cleared to leave, the woman pleaded for oxygen and begged hospital staff for additional help. Instead of doing their jobs, which would entail caring for the safety and wellbeing of patients, nurses told the ailing woman that she did not need oxygen or additional treatment. Instead, the woman was arrested at the request of the hospital. She was led out of the hospital in handcuffs and collapsed before making it to the police cruiser. After collapsing, hospital staff took her seriously and rushed the woman back inside for treatment. However, it was too late, and the woman died two hours later from a blood clot that could have been easily detected before causing death. Early Hospital Discharges…
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