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What Types of Birth Injuries Can Cause Cerebral Palsy?

When OB-GYNs or other doctors deliver newborns, they are legally to provide treatment within the standard of care. If doctors make mistakes during the delivery process, newborns may develop conditions like cerebral palsy. The following types of birth injuries can lead to the development of this condition. Newborns can develop cerebral palsy for the following reasons: Prolapsed umbilical cord: This birth complication causes newborns to become entangled in the umbilical cord. If this complication is not quickly addressed, newborns can suffer from oxygen deprivation (known as hypoxia or anoxia). An OB-GYN or other doctor has several options when this occurs, such as performing an emergency C-section or moving the fetus away from the umbilical cord. Blunt force trauma: Doctors can make mistakes while using medical instruments, such as a vacuum extractor or forceps. Blunt force trauma from these instruments can cause cerebral palsy. Failure to perform C-section: Certain health conditions…
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How Can A Baby’s Name Contribute To His Or Her Health?

A new journal article published in Pediatrics suggests waiting to name your baby can put it at increased risk for medical mistakes. Even when parents do not pick names directly after birth, hospital staff still must create identification bracelets anyways. Hospital staff will use “temporary names” that can create confusion, especially in higher risk environments such as neonatal intensive care units. Some of these temporary names are generic and strikingly similar to each other. For example, hospitals will use the first name Babyboy or Babygirl. Temporary names are then stuck in the hospital computer systems until discharge, even if the parents finally do decide on real names. Nonspecific first names can lead to medical mistakes such as prescribing the wrong medications, reading imaging and lab tests incorrectly, and giving breast milk to the wrong babies. The risk is high because newborns cannot consent to treatments or identify themselves. In some…
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