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Are Superbug Infections the Ultimate Patient Safety Threat?

The medical community expressed alarm over a case in Nevada involving an elderly woman who died from a superbug infection. Doctors could not keep the infection from spreading, and later determined she was infected with the superbug CRE. This case is a reminder that superbug infections could become the most serious patient safety threat of the 21st century. Doctors at the Nevada hospital that treated the woman sent samples of the bacteria to the Centers for Disease Control. According to officials at the CDC, the bacteria underwent testing against all antibiotics available to doctors in the United States. All 26 antibiotics failed to kill the superbug. An investigation into this case revealed the woman had spent an extended period of time in India. At one point during the trip, she broke her right femur and developed a bone infection in her femur. She underwent treatment multiple times at hospitals in…
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Are Female Doctors Safer Than Their Male Counterparts?

A new JAMA Internal Medicine article has good news for senior citizens receiving treatment from female doctors. They may have better patient outcomes. According to the Harvard doctors responsible for the article, senior citizen patients treated by women had lower mortality rates within 30 days of admission. The data shows 11.07 percent patients treated by female doctors died within 30 days of admission, compared to 11.49 percent of patients treated by male doctors. This accounts for tens of thousands of patients. The differences in patient outcomes persisted for multiple health conditions, including kidney failure, irregular heartbeat, sepsis and pneumonia. Researchers also accounted for the age, income and gender of patients, and severity of illness upon admission. Despite adding these factors in the analysis, the differences in patient outcome remained. This study analyzed 1.5 million hospitalizations occurring between 2011 and 2014. To gather data, researchers reviewed cases involving 18,751 female and…
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Are Sleep Deprived Doctors Causing Medical Mistakes?

Would you trust an airline pilot to fly your plane if they had not received enough sleep? Almost everyone would answer “no” to this question. After all, we depend on airline pilots with our lives. The same goes for doctors and other health care professionals. Would you trust a sleep deprived doctor to carry out complex procedures or an important diagnosis? Unfortunately, many people working in hospitals are not catching enough sleep. Medical and surgical residents are most likely to be affected by sleep deprivation. There is talk that we should allow these residents to work more hours. Most recently, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education has proposed allowing residents to work an extra 16 to 28 hours per week! An increase in work hours was proposed even after the Joint Commission admitted sleep deprivation may be linked to more medical mistakes. How Sleep Deprived Doctors Make Mistakes Overworked…
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