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Can Being Mean to Your Child’s Doctor Lead to Worse Care?

It is essential for doctors to maintain a healthy state of mind while practicing medicine. Unfortunately, we as patients or family members can sometimes lose our patience. It turns out being rude to your doctor puts them into an unhealthy state of mind and increases the risk of being harmed by a medical mistake. Research conducted at the University of Florida discovered doctors are more likely to make diagnostic mistakes when the parents of child patients are rude. According to the researchers, 40 percent of errors related cognitive performance may be attributed to how doctors are affected by rudeness. Doctors who experienced rudeness from the parents of their patients had worse diagnostic accuracy. They were also less likely to share information or communicate with family members of child patients. This is not the first study to identify a correlation between being nice to doctors and receiving an accurate diagnosis. A…
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Does Your Child Have This Commonly Misdiagnosed Illness?

Cat owners beware, your precious kitty could be responsible for spreading a dangerous bacterial infection to yourself or family members. The bacteria, Bartonella henselae, is passed between cats and fleas. Bartonella henselae can build up in the mouths and on the paws of cats when they groom themselves. When pet owners develop illness caused by this bacteria, doctors call it ‘cat scratch fever’. How Do You Get Cat Scratch Fever? If your cat scratches you or licks an open would, you can contract cat-scratch fever. Children are most likely to contract cat scratch fever because they may roughhouse with cats. While this illness is mild in most people, children and those with compromised immune systems can develop significant complications. These complications include brain swelling or heart failure. Of the 12,000 people diagnosed with cat-scratch disease, only 500 require hospitalization. Most people who are sickened with Bartonella henselae will develop fever…
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What Parents Should Know If Their Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

Several weeks ago, we discussed a textbook case of medical malpractice involving a newborn. The birth injury lawsuit discussed on our blog can show the lifelong consequences children face when doctors make mistakes during childbirth. Cerebral palsy, paralysis and death are all consequences of birth injuries. Birth injury lawsuits hold hospitals accountable for inflicting these consequences upon newborns and their families. A recent article published by The Huffington Post serves as another perfect example of how children can have their quality of life drastically reduced. The article was written by a man who developed cerebral palsy from a birth injury. In the article, he describes living with cerebral palsy and discusses many aspects of life people with disabilities take for granted. Now 31 years old, the man struggles to find a partner to share his life with and has to work 24/7 to prove his intellectual and economic worth to…
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