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How Parents Can Protect Their Children from Pharmacy Errors

A Colorado family is warning parents across the nation to be cautious of pharmacy errors after losing their 8-year-old son. The parents have spoken to national press outlets about how a pharmacy error caused the death of their child. According to the parents, the boy had been prescribed Clonidine to treat ADHD. Clonidine is a sedative used to treat high blood pressure in adults and ADHD in children. The boy had taken Clonidine for three years with no issues, until the local pharmacist accidently administered 1000 times the prescribed dose. It turns out the pharmacist had made this mistake more than once. The first time the pharmacist made this mistake, the child was only hospitalized with brain swelling, which is still very serious, but not always fatal. However, after the pharmacist made the mistake again, the boy lost his life. Although it appears this case involved a liquid solution of…
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How You Can Protect Your Child from Medical Errors

In prior blogs, we have discussed how children can become the victims of preventable medical mistakes. For example, famous actor Dennis Quaid’s children almost died after being given blood thinners at 1,000 times the recommended dosage. Fortunately, new studies suggest you can protect your child from medical errors. A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics claims parents can significantly decrease the odds their children will be affected by medical errors. Researchers reviewed patient data for 383 patients over one year to discover how parents are protecting their children from mistakes. According to the data, 34 parents reported medical errors, and 23 of those cases involved actual mistakes. Data also showed that 30 percent of the 23 reported safety incidents were preventable mistakes. Parents participating in the study were successful in preventing mistakes partially because they communicated concerns with doctors. How can you help your child avoid falling victim to a…
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Study Suggests Anesthesia can Cause Brain Injuries in Children

A recent study published in the medical journal Pediatrics suggests negative brain structure changes occur in children who undergo procedures involving the use of anesthesia. According to the study, anesthetics induce widespread brain cell death, permanent neurological damage and cognitive impairment in baby animals. Researchers associated with the study are concerned about whether anesthesia can cause brain injuries among children, but are lacking the means to test their hypothesis. Some anesthesiologists and researchers are conflicted as to whether anesthesia has measurable negative effects on the brains of children. There is no way to measure such a thing, as it would be unethical to put children under anesthesia for research purposes. According to a pediatric anesthesiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and co-author of the Pediatrics study, the effects on the brain are likely small if there are any. The study co-author argued that even though no evidence exists yet,…
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