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Do Teaching Hospitals Have Higher Rates of Central Line Infections?

Improperly used IV lines are responsible for 20 percent of hospital-acquired infections. An estimated 27,000 people fell victim to central line infections in 2015. One in four patients who develop these infections die. Many hospitals have reduced rates of central line infections by 50 percent since 2008. However, a new study released by Consumer Reports shows teaching hospitals have not reduced rates of these infections. The findings are surprising because teaching hospitals have a reputation for being “the best of the best” for receiving treatment. This new report is also surprising because hospitals have financial incentives for preventing central line infections. Under provisions in the Affordable Care Act, hospitals can lose Medicare payments for having high infection rates. Consumer Reports’ study has alarming patient safety implications. Central line infections are too deadly for hospitals to ignore. Can Hospitals Prevent Central Line Infections? Hospitals that did well on the Consumer Reports…
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Centers for Disease Control Issues CRE Superbug Warning

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a warning about superbugs in hospitals. Superbugs are bacteria that have evolved to become resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance makes superbugs notoriously difficult to treat. The warning came after the CDC found CRE in seven major metropolitan area hospitals. CDC researchers spent the last year observing hospitals in cities such as New York, Baltimore and Atlanta. Researchers are worried CRE could evolve to become as deadly as other superbugs, such as MRSA and C. diff. Although the mortality rate for CRE is 9 percent, it can become 50 percent if the infection reaches the bloodstream. CRE infections are especially deadly to patients with compromised immune systems. Superbugs like CRE can attach to endoscopes and other medical devices used on infected patients. This method of transmission occurred during a recent outbreak at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, where 180 patients were exposed…
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